New Logo Window Final for Zazzle header 600 X 4700

I have been a Fine Artist for more than 35 years working primarily in Waterclolor, Pen & Ink, and Graphite.

I add Fine Arts to the medium of web design, offering you a more unique and personal touch.


Specializing in using classical painting and design techniques, I bring a more artful experience to your customers' web surfing.


My goal is to develop a concept based on your needs, yet will be original and will linger in the mind's eye, and build brand recognition.


Individual or business plans can be individualized to your needs. Payments are handled exclusively through

Pay Pal. Automatic billing, and automatic payment accounts are available for service plans.

This heraldic style logo was created with the owner's own dog photo, using a digital hand drawing method. Gmail letterhead, 33 page website, logo, and business card all designed on a coordinating theme.

New Jewelry Line..........

detail logo finished 13 Home page website LETTERHEAD CZAR3 Paladin Black Russian Terriers favicon Paladin Black Russian Terriers EJ in the plant 2b

Example of the Premier Business Development Website package.

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Example of the Mid-level Business Development Website package.

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Czar business card 5 150 dpi


Fine Art...

Another example of a Dog Kennel website. In this case also, a business card, letterhead, and  hand created logo.

Lovers Point Blue and Orange for FanArt Albion River Cove for FanArt New Saddle and Bedroll for FanArt snagstorm1m Vest and Rope II Pond at Verterans Park 2 Smith River Tranquility 2 LanguageSavant California Sun Construction Logo transparent Algerian-Initials-StandardA1 005 Gallery Gallery
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